ðŸĪšHow does it work?

WebApp in the Bot

The bot acts as access to the user interface for interacting with the protocol. Users can initiate all actions by calling the web app, where users can perform swaps, bridge their tokens, and manage DeFi positions seamlessly using Zaps.

How does the aggregation work?

Seamless Routes via PocketFi router goes beyond the basics. It's your go-to platform for transferring Token A on Chain C to Token B on Chain D. Our robust aggregator pulls in more DEXes, bridges, and chains than any other project in Telegram and in Web3, ensuring you find the optimal routes with maximum liquidity to reach the minimal losses due to slippage and minimal fees from providers.

With PocketFi, you can choose from three straightforward ways to perform any-to-any cross-chain transactions:

  1. Multi-Transaction: Swap and bridge in the first transaction, and then swap again on the target chain. It's safe but a tad inconvenient, and rate fluctuations could cause hiccups. Most likely, such a router user will not meet but we ensure that if he meets such a Route, he will proceed with it in a minute.

  2. Bridge-Direct: The best choice for the user! Executes a single transaction through integrated DEXes on the decentralized bridge. Fast, secure, and slippage-tolerant.

  3. Semi-Centralized: Opt for a one-shot transaction via semi-centralized bridges like Hyphen. A balanced option with integrated DEXes and partial centralization for convenience.

See all integrated chains, bridges and DEXes:


Intelligent Sorting PocketFi interface does more than just list routes – it guides you to the best options:

  • Maximize Returns: See tokens received in likely slippage and the most probable outcomes.

  • Time-Sensitive: Get real-time route durations, not ballpark estimates..

DeFi Yields (in beta)

PocketFi supports all possible DeFi yield farming opportunities. Users can provide liquidity to liquidity pools on platforms like Uniswap, and PancakeSwap. Lend money to the Stargate or maybe even enter a Leveraged position on Gearbox. We can help users manage their deposited assets, directly interact with DeFi smart contracts, and handle compounding or yield withdrawals.

Wallet Integration and Security

Secure authentication or integration with trusted wallet providers is essential. This is why from this seed phrase, PocketFI generates an HD wallet (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet) key, using the userID within our bot and the selected wallet. This enables PocketFI to dynamically generate multiple wallets for each user on the fly. Importantly, each user can only access their own subset of keys. This way, PocketFI doesn't store each user's private key in the database. In fact, PocketFI stores minimal information about the user because even if the entire database is compromised, only non-critical, anonymized data will be present (like the TG handle). The utmost care must be taken to protect user private keys or seed phrases, implementing robust security practices.

User Notifications and Alerts

Real-time notifications keep users informed about transaction progress, swaps, yields, and other activities. These notifications enable users to stay updated and make well-timed decisions based on those alert.

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