During the first phase, we will distribute 51% of $switch tokens. Hurry up — it won't last forever.

Mining performance

Upon starting the mining your account will begin earning score. The mining speed will be determined by your score. Base mining performance is 1 $switch per hour, while the maximal speed with score is 5 $switch per hour.

Moreover, you can boost your mining performance by the following actions

  • TON network swap: +8 $switch/hour per swap (24 hours, up to 10 times a day)

  • EVM network swap: +5 $switch/hour per swap (24 hours, up to 10 times a day)

  • Ethereum mainnet swap: +12 $switch/hour per swap (24 hours, up to 10 times a day)

  • Connect TON Punks NFT: +5 $switch/hour per NFT, while connected.

  • Connect NOTCOIN voucher NFT: +0.01 $switch/hour per NFT, while connected.

  • ?????

  • We will soonely introduce new options to boost your $SWITCH mining speed — stay tuned!

Claim and burn

All mined tokens appear to claim. Claiming is available immediately, although they will be stored in your account and will become available for transfers and swaps only after token generation. All unclaimed tokens burn automatically every 6 hours.

Roadmap and Halving

The overall mining speed will gradually reduce based on Total Users milestone pass. The mining speed reduction also applies to all boosts.

Total UsersSpeed AdjustmentExample




2,000,000 — 4,000,000


2.5 $SWITCH/h

4,000,000 — 6,000,000


1.25 $SWITCH/h

6,000,000 — 8,000,000


0.625 $SWITCH/h

8,000,000 — 10,000,000


0.3125 $SWITCH/h



0.15625 $SWITCH/h

The End of Mining

In Q4 2024, the mining will permanently suspend. After that, the $SWITCH total supply will be fixed and determined within a smart contract.

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